• Autumn Leaves

    Autumn Leaves

    Guliz Mutlu My International Awards & Exhibitions on Drawing and Photography, 2022. 11th All Women Art Awards and Exhibition, Excellence in Art on Photography, Florida, US. 13th Abstracts Art Competition and Exhibition, Excellence in Art on Painting, Florida, US. 21st Women’s Day Exhibition, Canada. Light & Shade Art Prize and Exhibition, Los Angeles, California, US. […]

  • Pieces of Me by Alissa Der Kazarian

    Alissa Der Kazarian Alissa is a young aspiring artist from Massachusetts. She enjoys cooking, watching movies, listening to music, and trying new creative projects. She tries to convey her own unique perspective on people and everyday objects/subject matter through her art, offering a look into her mind and view of the world.

  • The Works Of Silas Plum

    Silas Plum Silas Plum challenges the idea of objective vs subjective value. He believes strongly in the tired old maxim that the true value of an object is more than the sum of its parts, that the gut is a truth-teller, and that the Aristotelian notion of learning-by-doing is the best teacher around. Judge his […]

  • Art by Tara J. Hunt

    Tara Hunt Tara Hunt is a self taught, professional artist working out of her art studio in West Palm Beach, FL. She enjoys adding a unique cubist perspective to her work in order to make each piece memorable. She finds inspiration in building materials and structures for many of her cubist works.

  • Sole Exposure (or Love Me Raw)

    Sole Exposure (or Love Me Raw)

    by Erica Jasmin Brown Let me strip for you, Take off the layers, Bare my soul in a way no one else will see. Remove the mask, Displace the veil, Show you all there is of me. Expose me, Embrace me, Love me in my purest state. Let me strip for you, Utter every secret, […]

  • Vacuous


    by Meteo Lara & Is this too much                                                          it is too much how much is too much?                      […]

  • Two Poems by Kristina Krumova

    Two Poems by Kristina Krumova

    XX Century Be patient, be patient… The Tomorrow will come two-dimensional abstract almost colorless wrapped in shiny cellophane of forgotten opportunities sent anonymously From the stamp, glued askew, will look at you… The Today XIX Century We are sitting at the table, drinking… The Yesterday is a good company For every sip of absinthe I […]

  • Moonlight & Famine

    Moonlight & Famine

    by Lena Ziegler & Find you murky   inside my skin  rattling loose splinters from my tongue a rot within this ghost breathing through the letters of your face a name that rhymes sweet forgiveness &   I sense a tingle in   your brain a tickle   asking for the cure you’ve been the wild burn of forest […]