Art by Doug Flaherty

Doug Flaherty Doug Flaherty’s abstract digital art has appeared on covers of the Wisconsin Review, and One Trick Pony. Other cover art appeared on poets’ chapbooks. His art work is forthcoming in Abstract magazine in NYC. Flaherty has published poetry in the New Yorker, the Nation, North American Review, and scores of other literary magazines. … Continue reading Art by Doug Flaherty

The Church Bells

by Chris Graves the church bells, temple bells, dinner bells, and funeral bells all sermon the wind, river psalm the cracked clavicle and clarinet of voice never networking. the world follows the drip drip drip of stars, dreams into porous pull, and iconic phases of the clanging moon. the moon dangles its light into the … Continue reading The Church Bells

Just Not Now

by Kristen Dunn There will be a time and place for me But I guess it is just not now The thread is unraveling And I don’t really know how Life is always moving We are dictated by the sun I remember when he met me But I didn’t know he would be the one … Continue reading Just Not Now


by Kristen Dunn Feeling some type of calm even though my body aches I like the way I’ve lived I do not see any mistakes people are destructive Emotions more intense than my own sometimes it gets the best of them sometimes their true colors are shown a call out to end the conflict a … Continue reading Resolve

The Road Home

by Bryan Grafton He had been driving for what seemed like hours now. That was the problem when you owned your own business you had to do everything yourself. He had been in the undertaking business all his life having inherited it from his father. Now he was old, real old, at the end of … Continue reading The Road Home


by Jimmy Broadlick You know, they told me I was the most beautiful seventh-grade boy. My brother Little Joe would say, Pa, and even Ma— and that’s surprisin’ too. But you know, it didn’t feel real. Others would say it too, at school and around. Dream blue eyes with sand hair, but I was not … Continue reading Blemish