Beach Memory

by Rickey Rivers Jr. On the beachI should havejust thrown myselfinto the ocean.That would haveat least been somethingI could rememberthat wouldn’t bea memorytainted by you.&& Rickey Rivers Jr. Rickey Rivers Jr was born and raised in Alabama. He is a writer and cancer survivor. His work has appeared in Three Drops from a Cauldron, A … Continue reading Beach Memory

The Wind and What It Wheels

by Tucker Lieberman A thousand mini-flags fly underwater,isolationist at their core.All mouth, you barnacles,eating the tide, salt tongues waggingdivided selves,shutting your doors to keep out the wind.Away whip the sandcastles—the beach scatters, reforms.Someone is picking you up,trying to turn you around,but you’re barnacled under this boat.Lines in the sky crosshatchmisbegotten glyphs.They are seagulls,they are everywhereintermittently.Here … Continue reading The Wind and What It Wheels

A Citizen

by John Grey He fell, face cracked against sidewalk harder than a Nolan Ryan fast ball. Time passed. Dazed and nauseous, he made animal cries for help. He tried to stand, staggered, thumped into a pole and dropped to the ground again. He was found with a parchment face, tongue hung to his mouth’s side … Continue reading A Citizen


by Rajagopal Kaimal Blue sky. Breeze. Flowers. Birds. Springtime in her garden; her home; her heart. & & Rajagopal Kaimal  I began writing poetry quite early in life. It was triggered by my puppy love for a girl. As the days went by my topics widened. I love writing about nature. Every morning with my … Continue reading Springtime

Not Forgettable

by Ted E.F. Roberts after stretched hearts and out-loud love        we writhe in a chaos of snarled sheets, haiku parts and aphorisms. nothing about you is forgettable. your breathy hushed moans and damp crescent eyes, the “C” of your toes, dancing demands, defined desires and the soft joys whispered till deep in … Continue reading Not Forgettable

You Have One Message

by Wim Coleman I see a rainbow.I thought I’d catch you there.Now I see two rainbows.I’m calling on the only Tuesday in November.It’s three-thirty in the afternoon but only temporarily.I am at a pay phone in Pasadena.Go out in your yard and look.Look now don’t wait till you get home.Don’t stop to get dressed either.One … Continue reading You Have One Message


by Ed Ahern When I was fourteen there was a girl I thought was cute but never had the nerve to chase. We spent four years near but never close and thirty years in mutual ignorance. Her image lingered in what-if conjectures about who I’d guessed her to be and how we might have meshed … Continue reading Joyce