Make A Wish

by Sam Ray When you’re on top of the worldbut still shatteredPeople mistake you for shooting stars instead of broken matterBut does it matter? They don’t see where you fall after the beautiful light streakTo them, shooting stars are just luckyThe burnout into nonexistenceDoesn’t exist So I guess, make a wish.&& Sam Ray Sam Ray … Continue reading Make A Wish

Ascend We Must, Above.

by Anthony Salandy Molten rock meets scorched Earth,Land possessed by grandiose intoxication;An insatiable greed multi-generational. For self-deprecation presumes a sense of hatred;An independently derived distain for humanityso all-consuming that treasonous disturbia Becomes the only truthin the hyper realized constructionsthat form this jaded modernity, This ethereal worldof consumption and combustion;Of societal demise and malaise, But scorched … Continue reading Ascend We Must, Above.


by Sam Ray I’m not fatBut I’m thicker than herAnd my ass ain’t flat, I got wide hips and beautiful curvesSo the size of my jeans doubles,now I’m insecureAnd I’ve always felt fatter, uglier, less than, completely unsureOf my beautyBecause the pretty girl gets all the looks, she’s a double zeroAnd I’m over here trying … Continue reading Comparison


by Sam Ray Sam Ray Sam Ray is a fresh face to poetry, but growing up with the strip as her backyard it’s no wonder this poet knows how to captivate a crowd. The multi-talented 26 year old has featured at places like Cork & Thorn and the Utah Arts Festival. Her poetry is truthful … Continue reading WOMEN.

Through the Autumn mist of dewDo the righteous deeds of oursHours of life for future peacePiece of bread from future flours& Flowers from fields, stews from meat& Meet the people shouting aloud& Allowed by permission, almost by lesson& Lessen the pains of those who bowBough the branches with nests of fowlFoul the land not fit … Continue reading

Black Venus Flytrap

Black Venus Flytrap by Jeanetta Rich I met Jeanetta at a poetry slam (give or take six years ago) and was amazed how she naturally commanded the stage with her grace. Of course, this body of poetry didn’t miss a beat. Black Venus Flytrap explores sexuality, heartbreak, growing up, and coming to love your blackness, … Continue reading Black Venus Flytrap


by Keana Aguila Labra Natalie reminds me of a song that should have been longer, that’s how good it is. The reader is immediately sucked into Keana’s heavy imagery and meticulous style of words as she expresses her love and heartbreak. This is a walk down memory lane you’d want to take while learning to … Continue reading Natalie

Cold Room

by Jide Badmus It’s a rainy morning.The earth breathescold on its citizens.I reach for a blanket offlesh that is unavailable. The room is filledwith pieces of you—strands of hair,vestige of scent,mirage of smile &a ghost of your voice.There is a depressionon your side of the bed—but these walls struggleto reconstruct memories.The mirror claims not torecall … Continue reading Cold Room