Current Team


Day Sibley — Production and Founding Editor

Whose real name is To’Wednesday Sibley, was born and raised in Nevada with her two older brothers and creole parents based out of Louisiana. Her first poem “Bloodshed” was published in Neon Dreams, followed by The DrabbleQuail Bell Magazine, 50 haikus and more. While attending CSN, she interned for the Red Rock Review journal for over a year. Meanwhile, she was competing on and off at her local poetry slam when she decided to create a vlog called Wal Poetry. When Day isn’t working, she’s most likely exercising, spreading social consciousnesses, or learning Jyotish and videography. She’s currently working on her B.A. at NSC.


Emilee Wirshing — Poetry Reader

Is a poet and librarian based in Las Vegas, NV. She’s also a coffee enthusiast, bookbinding dabbler, desert dweller and succulent gardener.


Shreya Tandel — Poetry Editor

Is a self-established poet —or you can say amateur poet from India. Her poems “Inadvertently Alive,” “Virgin” and “Blackhole,” “Return me” and “The one-eyed doll” have been published in the blue pages lit, vamp cat magazine, HerStry magazine and The collective unrest magazine respectively. She occasionally performs at local poetry slams/open mics of her city, and now also has been published in a books/anthologies namely “Warmth of embrace” and “Maples” by FOI. She currently also is a regular contributor at the magazine, Marias at Sampaguitas.


Keana Aguila Labra — Prose, Poetry and Op-ed Reader

Keana Aguila Labra (she/her) was born & raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Knowing the importance of representation, her work is evidence that Filipinx Americans are present in the literary world. She is on Twitter & Medium as @keanalabra


Corey Miller — Fiction and Prose Editor

Corey Miller lives in a tiny house he built near Cleveland. He is an award-winning Brewmaster who enjoys a good lager. His writing has appeared in Writers Resist, Hobart, Gravel, Cease Cows, and elsewhere. When not working or writing, Corey likes to take the dogs for adventures with his fiancé.


Former Team

Jasmine Rivera– Editor

Jordan “The Changeling” Cladwell