• The Math

    The Math

    by Laurinda Lind Early I sat in a circleand nothing fit anything else, orwhat if I werethe extra integer thoughthe room was all right. But someonespilled lyrics loud over speakers.And what if for once I wantedthe words, the first ones later landing last, but was shyto say the story once I stayed at the center […]

  • These Words Are For The Eyes Of The Dead

    These Words Are For The Eyes Of The Dead

    Austin is a formerly homeless, queer student originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. He currently works as a tutor at his college’s writing center and drafts grants on the side. In the past, Austin has worked as a homeless shelter organizer, a janitor, and a dishwasher. His work has been most recently published in the Works in Progress newspaper based out of Olympia, WA.

  • Consider The Cause

    Consider The Cause

    by Laurinda Lind It is a Covid year and in our townno one has died of Covid, this is a functionof greographic access more thanmutual consideration since no one here wantsto believe that what has come to us has cometo us, after all who says it is a Covid year,only immunologists and don’t they eat […]

  • Everybody dies, I have to, too, but

    Everybody dies, I have to, too, but

    by Gale Acuff I don’t know when and sometimes I wish Idid so that I could prepare for it but thenat least I know that I will even thoughI don’t know the exact time, and come tothink about it maybe there’s no time atall involved, at least not to me, when Idie that is though […]

  • A Little Late But Anyway

    A Little Late But Anyway

    by Laurinda Lind Girl in my class in Catholic school,decades later I have a thing to saywhich is sorry. I was an assemblyof anxieties but I think you wereripe for your right life, such asactually study, such as resistoverreacting, such as live inyour lucky neighborhood acrossthe bridge. And the way I wasa hot mess, my […]

  • Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing

    by Michael Steffen So much leaping and letting go,flicking your wrist to a shadowyou thread line through, lacingsurface to writhing depth,summoning tension. Between rocks,cutthroat and rainbow shelter.Entice the unseenwith a four-count rhythm,slice the air with a gentle arcand let your line lay downacross the back of another world.Retrieve. Repeat. You are searchingfor something shimmering, deepand […]

  • The Good Ending

    The Good Ending

    by Gabriela V. Everett You never failed. You never told those secrets. The night with the whiskey and carnever happened.The mail-order brides all ended up happy. Your rival gave you roses and said,“I’ve always loved you, you know.” The nightmares stopped. You forgave yourself, the one who lives in the timeline next door,and she cried:thank […]

  • Sirens


    by Michael Steffen The woman you wake to with sudden intensityis certain you’re guilty of something,but she’s not sure what—your dream already folded its tent,though, still, you taste some salty desire.There are spaces in a marriageno number of long-stemmed roses can fill,where trust is a tactic, tenderness a tease, the sex—a little too much like […]

  • After Hours

    After Hours

    by RC deWinter sing me a new songin the key of longingfiltered through the shadowsof everything you ever wished fori promise not to laughor be dismissivei recognize the colorof the those shadowsmelancholy’s hazy haloloneliness in almost midnight bluei too am a dreamerwith my own songa wisheron the gentle evening starthere’s music in your voicewisdom in […]

  • grazing


    by RC deWinter grazingthere’s a slyness in the changeable lightof winterthe morning sun often nothing but a tease slain by snowcloudsblowing infrom the southeast blanketing the sky with grey wooldamp heavywith its burden of moisture that will be transformed intotiny starsnot a twin among them falling in a baptism of frigid kissesbriefly burningany skin exposed […]