Through the Autumn mist of dewDo the righteous deeds of oursHours of life for future peacePiece of bread from future flours& Flowers from fields, stews from meat& Meet the people shouting aloud& Allowed by permission, almost by lesson& Lessen the pains of those who bowBough the branches with nests of fowlFoul the land not fit … Continue reading

Cold Room

by Jide Badmus It’s a rainy morning.The earth breathescold on its citizens.I reach for a blanket offlesh that is unavailable. The room is filledwith pieces of you—strands of hair,vestige of scent,mirage of smile &a ghost of your voice.There is a depressionon your side of the bed—but these walls struggleto reconstruct memories.The mirror claims not torecall … Continue reading Cold Room


by Mark Mitchell This bodywas not workshopped. No one soughtbetter ways to build it so functionswould join smoothly and everyonewould be pleased all the time. It will justhave to do its best.&& Mark J. Mitchell Mark J. Mitchell was born in Chicago and grew up in southern California. His latest poetry collection, Starting from Tu … Continue reading Unwell

Rainfall Baptism

by Sarah Prindle The sky is grey and heavy with unshed tears. Stay still as the rain pours down, cool crystal droplets falling to earth upon our heads washing away dirt and sweat, a blessing a baptism a brand-new life. & & Sarah M. Prindle Sarah M. Prindle received an Associate’s Degree in English from … Continue reading Rainfall Baptism


by Zach Beach Life isn’t always magic.Sometimes, a tepid morning fillsitself with the small necessities:a run to the pharmacy. Cleaning last night’ssoaking pot. Watching a sitcombefore bed; an inexpressive facelit up only by flickering… What else should one ask for when the party was yesterday?when our minds refuse&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&to focus on the written word. &&&&&When our … Continue reading Calm

The Garden

by Zach Beach flamingos balance on bamboo sticks insects carry themselves over tense water flowers unfurl&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&their fragile wings birds commute&&&&&&&&&&thousands of milesfor one tree the earth cleansthe universeof its stardust everything hingeson the &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&edgeof a fragile existence and yours is as precious&&&&&as a bird’s eggas open as the ocean&&&&&as light as the skyas wanting&&&&&as the … Continue reading The Garden