The Quiet

by Karen Shepard I take it personally, braid it into my hair, tie it around my index finger so that I don’t forget, put it in my shoe to pain my every step, sprinkle a dash of in my morning coffee so that I keep tasting it. I hear it’s not about me so I … Continue reading The Quiet


by Epiphany Ferrell It occurred to Marion that she’d been lying in bed quite a long time. At first she’d watched the shadow from the windowpane move up the wall, across the ceiling, down the other wall. Then she’d not been able to see it anymore. It all seemed gray, the indistinct light of not-quite-morning. … Continue reading Freshman


by Megha Sood With my shackled mind and encumbered thoughtsas my feet rise upsteps of the old mighty templedesolate yet imbued;with the fullness of lifemy body disguised as a prayerand my palms foldedas the dissatisfaction is neatly tuckedin the center of my palmsI count the stepsin sync with my raging heartbeats and bated breathI walk … Continue reading Perspective

Divine Incantation

by Megha Sood a poem is like a spell–a memory moving through the shadows of timelike a divine incantation:like a river flowing in your soulboisterous,unfettered; it cleanses the crevicesthose sluices clogged through eonsit paves its own way when it moves through its structurea lexicon of words and its broken semanticsa language so deeply knows as … Continue reading Divine Incantation

Still or Sparkling

by  Greg Roensch The still water bottles were happiest when the sparkling stayed on the opposite side of the shelf. In truth, both sides preferred to keep any interaction to a minimum. The way the still water bottles saw it, their fizzy counterparts were carbonated showoffs who only came around for special occasions, like holidays … Continue reading Still or Sparkling