death comes at any timemorning night, old or in youthare you ready now? beauty in alleverything that she isShe is one with God A Fortunate LoveFloating Among the BrokenOn a grey morning quite a bleak outlookbut it depends how you seeno morning is dark&& Douglas Spiegel Douglas is an efficient, dedicated and diverse writer– continually … Continue reading

Eight Years Old empty swing laughter of their child still ringing Chicago Winters winter trees each robed with snowfall Japanese Garden moonlight koi fish swimming in dark water & & Andrea Byrd  Andrea Byrd is a Junior at Mississippi Valley State University double majoring in English and Mass Communications. She enjoys writing short fiction and … Continue reading

Two Haikus

by Cat Kivett Smith Memory Records concurrent rainbow bleeds deep and then soaks around circular time layers The Dictionary dashed-up expression splashes neat over each side sentences knock dry & & Cat Kivett Smith Cat Kivett Smith is a high school student who works as a freelance writer, and has previously been featured in publications … Continue reading Two Haikus

Three Haikus

by Patrick Karl Curley memories of you before you’re gone; dried petals on the windowsill crackling on the breeze tiny sparks of burning chaff glitter in your eyes light that ripples on loneliness in company by a purling brook & & Patrick Karl Curley  Patrick Karl Curley is a poet and performance artist from Sligo, … Continue reading Three Haikus

Two Haikus

by Tiffany Cahill Speak when on your ownSo that you don’t forgetThe strength in your voice. If I don’t blinkI can’t see the shadowsLiving in the dark. & Tiffany Cahill Tiffany Cahill is a fresh writer in the literary world with a passion for poetry in particular. Born in Alabama, raised in Texas, and now … Continue reading Two Haikus

Two Haikus

by Bethany Sharon Moore Unguarded, the soul rises to face the open sky: candor holds beauty. Sleep, forever rest. Journey ended, now pain free. Live, in memory. & Bethany Sharon  Bethany Sharon Moore is a Tampa-based poet and musician that enjoys exploring many different forms of poetry. She enjoys the challenge of taking an idea … Continue reading Two Haikus

Sea Foam

by Hayden Moore Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep–William Shakespeare: Henry VI part II It was a place where the sea met the rocks and the rocks melted into the sea. In the shade of a twisted palm tree hosting thousands of glistening blackberries at its base, the girl watched as the … Continue reading Sea Foam

All of me knows how talking to each other works. No decisions get made. Always this makes sense and that sounds good or that is trouble but this is hell. On and on until in the end all suns explode, and that eternity we thought we had when. So much for that. Maybe one of … Continue reading


by Emma Demopoulos The colors you braid into your hair Are painted on my heart Beaten by the wind and salt, They become memories of what they once were The words you write Are tucked in all my pockets They coat the inside of my clothes Reminders of what I can’t wash away The comfort … Continue reading Cartography