Polar Vortex

by William Doreski The cold pouring down from the Arctic has toughened into an entity. Some kind of hideous animal, not to be petted, trusted, or even fed. Let it forage as it will. Let it growl and claw the pine-trunks. Don’t let it into the house unless you think it’s about to produce a … Continue reading Polar Vortex

Sky is Dark

by Alexandria Liston A Tabby swaddled in cellophane. Smoldered stiff residue. Thinking if I didn’t eat, I could spend hundreds of dollars on clothes instead. Thinking less body would be good; Thinking less of me and more of you. The train is cold and still. Winding in loops and loops with light above. It is … Continue reading Sky is Dark

Should I Sit Down

by Kevin Risner should I sit down with a block of tarot cards     you flip each one right side up     you go further down the line to the image you’re thirsting for     raise it for all to see the future you have dreamt about I dreamt about so many harrowing things     this past month I … Continue reading Should I Sit Down


by Kevin Risner I’m alone I’m lying on my back TV muted don’t hear much except for a thrum inside of me a bump against my sternum my heart is there I’m holding my breath stop the lungs from going haywire but the heart keeps at it I see its twitch beneath the skin like … Continue reading Proprioception

Pulled Over

by Christopher Bell “I still don’t know what to do with that spare room.” Elaine let her fingers edge in and out of the window. “I mean, it can’t just be for all that shit we don’t wanna deal with.” “I thought that’s why we got the two bedroom.” Tim drove faster than usual in … Continue reading Pulled Over