• Jaw Sores

    Jaw Sores

    by Ann Yang my jaw is swollen from holding back all the secrets clenched between my teeth & Ann Yang  Ann Yang is a writer and poet based in the Bay Area. She has been published in the 2017 Inklings Anthropology and her work is forthcoming in the Summer Edition of Poetic Power 2019. Writing…

  • Interview with Youshun Xie

    Interview with Youshun Xie

    by Siyun Fang Artist: Jiang Shijie There are signs of a turnaround in the outlook for the development of poetry, but poetry will never be as popular as it was in the Tang dynasty February 1917 was the first time that modern Chinese poetry came into the public view, when LA JEUNESSE Magazine decided to…

  • Suicide Squirrel

    Suicide Squirrel

    by Shawn Anto & I was driving down CSUB Way minding my own business Can I ask you something? really              ask                    you. Can you be honest with me? really                     honest a squirrel…

  • Two Poems

    Two Poems

    Yuan Changming published monographs on translation before leaving China. Currently, Yuan edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Yuan in Vancouver. Credits include Pushcart nominations, Best of the Best Canadian Poetry and BestNewPoemsOnline, among others.

  • Liquid Knowledge

    Liquid Knowledge

    by Sam Smiley Rosy cheeks and bubbly thoughtsfloating up to the heavens and out of our headsbefore we can elaborate.Our tongues are tied in knots;I giggle when your words escape you.Parched lips wake at fourlonging to be quenchedhazy brainhazy eyeshazy headI sway like there is music playingthat only I can hear.I am here and hot…

  • Mt. Woodson Trail by Shawn Anto

    Mt. Woodson Trail by Shawn Anto

    for Mel & Barbara I unburden for a second. hear faint whispering my shame: did you transgress, son? transparency, let your eyes communicate empathy, a sea. we don’t keep secrets. we take our mind out into precipice. see—manzanita and poison oak scattered along this ridge dominating the undergrowth and break within these unclimbed boulders and…

  • False Liberation

    False Liberation

    by John Grey In this rescue of a dream, the door’s flung open, all guards are fast asleep, there’s light at the end of the corridor, stairs leading up to the world, friends waiting with a fresh horse, a splendid gallop into the highlands, through the mountain pass, and into the euphoric land of my…

  • Stun


    by Shawn Anto hummingbirds like to drink from the trumpet-shaped flowers. and the buzzing bees like the broad flat flowers like the marigold. they drink and wallow ‘til they are covered all over with nectar. you follow a bee from one flower to the next, see which direction they go, eventually, finding its home. the…

  • The Strange Fruit of Living While Black

    The Strange Fruit of Living While Black

    by Sidra Owens Artist: G. Weis & Orin Rutchick I was raised by a single mother, who was born in the midst of Jim Crow, and she has seen whites-only signs. She has witnessed the rise of the Civil Rights movement. She has vivid memories of where she was when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,…

  • Our Ignorance Fuels Their Victories

    Our Ignorance Fuels Their Victories

    by Sidra Owens Artist: Vienna Rye Elections have consequences. That is more than just a quote from a former president. It is an absolute truth that we are dealing with daily. Trump is the current president, and he is the current president for just a few reasons. So, he became president. Many of us are…