Dorothy Parker

by Jason Graff Dorothy Parker was funny in a cruel way which I think made us like her all the more, especially mother, who saw herself as some gutsy, wise, old truth teller of the old school. Now it’s really easy to see she was just mean and unhappy, possibly with us; definitely with father … Continue reading Dorothy Parker


by Grace Yannotta The dog sits in the corner of the room. She looks like one of those pharaoh dogs, Suze thinks, the lithe golden body, the sharp ears, the keen dark eyes. The ones that line the tombs of the olden kings. The protectors. She knows she’s not supposed to stare, the poor thing … Continue reading Bau

Emily by Howie Good

Sailors just grabbed what they could — a Mickey Mouse teddy bear my sister had since she was little — before the ship broke apart in nightmarish purple seas, the wind wailing as if the wails might actually be expressing something, anguish or fear or fratricidal rage, while back on shore, graves vomited up the dead, and, farther inland, … Continue reading Emily by Howie Good

Airplanes Move Sideways

by Trevor Plate Concrete and metaland sky breathing heavyThe mountains beyondthemselves in the distanceSun giving up tothe demon electricScent of a humanthis flight of a lifetimeTelling the storiesof heroes and villainsPrecious and potentthe palm of an instantNight starts its breakingThese hearts are all breaking out here Smelling the fish inthe lingering ozoneExhaust and needlesolfactory highwaysRemember the … Continue reading Airplanes Move Sideways


by Trista Hurley-Waxali When he said we were moving in, I wasn’t sure what he meant. Most of our friends were demolishing and then rebuilding, so it wasn’t so much as moving in but entering a perfectly designed space. At least, that was the promise that architects have when they competed like football teams for the … Continue reading Collecting