• Sea Spirit

    Sea Spirit

    Patrick started writing seriously later in life, thanks to the help of a poetry class during his undergraduate years. His works have appeared in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Ephemeral Elegies, and Better Than Starbucks, among others. He is also the founding editor of Grand Little Things.

  • Visitation Dream: White Kitten

    Visitation Dream: White Kitten

    by Rosalie Hendon Artist: Amy Chen You were there, in my childhood bedroomholding the tiniest white kittenin your beloved hands When I fell asleep, you coaxed herinto my palms–I woke and shewas there, you were not I knew it was a goodbyeYou left me a book, too,a paperback of all your stories and pictures I…

  • You’re Going to Be A Father

    You’re Going to Be A Father

    by Rosalie Hendon Artist: Varina Patel She’s gorgeous. Olive skin, black hair, bright eyes.You and I are both gringos attracted to mateswho were born speaking our chosen language. I realized, watching the two of you talk about reality tv,that’s she’s perfect for you.Cuts to the point.Politely, firmly disagrees when you launch into a tangent,get on…

  • The Old Man

    The Old Man

    by Mel Kenne The old man now was I,and I was he. I eyed him as Thoreau said I might:a fact that could be seen from both sides — something divided sharply by perception’s cleaver. Ashe looked quizzically back at me from where we eachsat alone, wondering why we were questioning our-selves so intently, suddenly…

  • Blades


    by Vee Weeks Artist: Christopher Burns When Daisy’s alarm went off at 7 am., she had already been staring at her white walls for three hours and she felt like her blue eyes were going to pop out of her head. She silenced her blaring phone and sat up, her bare feet hovering over the…

  • Rectitude: Why I’m Pro-Life

    Rectitude: Why I’m Pro-Life

    by Day Sibley Artist: Evelyn Hockstein Hello Friend, Is it okay to call you that? Before you cancel me, at least hear me out. Yes, you read that headliner right, I am pro-life. Even writing this feels foreign to me, let alone admitting it. If I could rewind time and speak with my younger self,…

  • Yakan no Shigoto(Night Work)

    Yakan no Shigoto(Night Work)

    by Bobbie Loeschner Artist: Yamamoto-ya Heikichi Deafening silenceFlickering of candle lightThe bandits outside The past reaches himHowling screams on midnight’s breezeThe swordsman stands by Clamor at the gateThe shadows, gliding, burst throughBlades drawn like fanged wolves The lone warriorSprings his arm from its sheath, then—Steel cacophony Crashing death—gift toAn Ukiyo-e YokaiAll is harmony Morning light…

  • New Best Friend

    New Best Friend

    by Fabrice Poussin What a man will do for a cigaretteholding a large bag in one handa broad smile in the other. It is sometimes hard to make outall the words from a distancethrough the earbuds of one’s private world. Intent on the needs of the daybusy at the state-ordained taskI guess all he wanted…

  • People of The Rock

    People of The Rock

    by Fabrice Poussin Artist: Ivan Acuna More than fifty years, they saythey have been sharing the same storyof love and dislike with this paradiseas more come in to bask in their private sun. Somewhere well north of four scoresthey persist with the same teenage venturesresting on a rock the Inquisition would have delighted inwhen their…

  • Three Haikus

    Three Haikus

    by Inge Sorensen Artist: Sumit Pruthi ConcertEmerald lights dance on the wallsDarkness transcends spaceJazz music on stage Fall Stroll Purple Skies of RainMaple Trees Slowly AlignToday’s Fall Stroll A NaptimeThe Call of NaptimeAnd Yet Sleep Will Not ArriveEluding the Youth. Inge Sorensen Inge Sorensen is a poet and short story writer born and raised in…