• Light in Layers

    Light in Layers

     Bette Ridgeway  Over four decades Bette Ridgeway has exhibited globally with 80+ prestigious venues, including: Palais Royale, Paris and Embassy of Madagascar. Awards include Top 60 Contemporary Masters and Leonardo DaVinci Prize. Mayo Clinic and Federal Reserve Bank top Ridgeway’s permanent collections. Books include: International Contemporary Masters and 100 Famous Contemporary Artists.

  • Consider The Cause

    Consider The Cause

    by Laurinda Lind It is a Covid year and in our townno one has died of Covid, this is a functionof greographic access more thanmutual consideration since no one here wantsto believe that what has come to us has cometo us, after all who says it is a Covid year,only immunologists and don’t they eat…

  • Bronze Figures

    Bronze Figures

    Mark Yale Harris Award-winning sculptor Mark Yale Harris works in alabaster, marble, limestone and bronze, expressing the duality in mans’ essence. Career highlights: 250+ national and international gallery and museum exhibitions (90+ solo); 120+ publications have featured his sculpture; he is represented by twenty galleries (US and UK); and has works in permanent public collections.

  • Everybody dies, I have to, too, but

    Everybody dies, I have to, too, but

    by Gale Acuff I don’t know when and sometimes I wish Idid so that I could prepare for it but thenat least I know that I will even thoughI don’t know the exact time, and come tothink about it maybe there’s no time atall involved, at least not to me, when Idie that is though…

  • A Little Late But Anyway

    A Little Late But Anyway

    by Laurinda Lind Girl in my class in Catholic school,decades later I have a thing to saywhich is sorry. I was an assemblyof anxieties but I think you wereripe for your right life, such asactually study, such as resistoverreacting, such as live inyour lucky neighborhood acrossthe bridge. And the way I wasa hot mess, my…

  • Western Landscapes

    Western Landscapes

    Kathleen Frank Santa Fe artist paints the Western landscape in vibrant hues, capturing light and pattern in complex terrains. Career highlights include: numerous museum and gallery exhibitions; High Desert Museum Curator’s Choice Award; Art in Embassies/U.S. State Department selection Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; work in permanent collections; and features in numerous fine art publications.

  • Puddles


    Jeff Corwin After 40+ years as an award-winning commercial photographer, Jeff Corwin now focuses on fine art photography. Simplicity, graphic forms and repeating configurations personally resonate. Recent career highlights include: numerous recent museum exhibitions; gallery shows; work in permanent collections; features in numerous fine art publications; and representation by several contemporary galleries.

  • The Beginning and The End

    The Beginning and The End

    Brian McPartlon Brian McPartlon attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. He frequented famed counterculture places, associated with influential artists and activists and participated in Vietnam War protests; these events brought a connection to a creative world unlike any he had learned in school. McPartlon then moved to California to attend the San…

  • Fly Fishing

    Fly Fishing

    by Michael Steffen So much leaping and letting go,flicking your wrist to a shadowyou thread line through, lacingsurface to writhing depth,summoning tension. Between rocks,cutthroat and rainbow shelter.Entice the unseenwith a four-count rhythm,slice the air with a gentle arcand let your line lay downacross the back of another world.Retrieve. Repeat. You are searchingfor something shimmering, deepand…

  • Cat Eyes

    Cat Eyes

    by Logan Rose “Go get the cat,” says Mother. I roll my eyes. “Roll your eyes one more time, young lady,” says Stepfather, who likely let the cat out, in the first place. He raises his hackles from the couch, ready to stand over me and emphasize his authority, as if it’s not already clear…