by Zach Beach Occasionally,we hurt. Our boss berates usand we die, a little. We become so smalland want to disappear into nothingness.Such is the ego-trap of thoughts. While the depths of the heart calls to us,the music of the soul whispers to us, the connection of spirit beckons us,and the calm of the sea sings … Continue reading Depths

The Beginning

by Zach Beach a spiraling umbilical cordfastens you to the beginningof time inside this shell of the universewe are infinity mirrorsof blood darkness broughtgrey skiesand white light awakening here (you realize)the only work leftto do is love&& Zach Beach Zach Beach is an internationally renowned yoga teacher, best-selling author, poet, love coach, and founder of … Continue reading The Beginning


by Zach Beach Occasionally,when we wakein the stillness of night, in a quietnessthat allowsthe ticking watch on the dresserto make itsvoice heard, our soul dips its toes intothe void.It’s a call we all get at some point,with questions on the other sideof the line, is this,all there is?what if none of it matters?is it true … Continue reading Anicca


by Avery Krause your fingers under chin, &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&tilting up &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&two turns graze steering wheel, my &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&palms stream salt your hands lay loosely in lap, &&&&&&&&&&&&&holding honeyed air &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&black bound bag swings unchanged, my &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& &&&split knuckles drip your dirt dimmed nails overworked, &&&&&&&&&&overwhelmed by shadows &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&nails trail bloody lines on scalp, my &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&anxious finger fiddling … Continue reading Stretch

If You Decide to Look My Way

by Elancharan Gunasekaran if you decide to look my wayin the brick alley darknessblind but seeingsoulless but feelingi suggest you do so-with macabre eyeswith longingwith a sense of belongingwith faithwith wrathwith pleasurewith pressurewith pressurewith dark pressurepressing downon your lifeless body&& Elancharan Gunasekaran Elancharan Gunasekaran is a multidisciplinary artist and poet. He has a strange love … Continue reading If You Decide to Look My Way

July 14

by Raina Seward when i first met you your face blushed pink and your words tripped up the stairs your eyes were scared but they ran sideways and up the walls it was a cold wet day but the lightning heated the earth’s surface and made me melt from within and though we never touched … Continue reading July 14

Eat Your Heart Out

by Sarah Bollman Rivers run from loose lips and glazed eyes staring ever forward. Teeth close around soft muscle, clenching and releasing out of rhythm Hemoglobin, iron rich, Syrup-thick plasma sliding down past places it might have Resided, now standing empty and Longing, longing for the maybes, the Could’as, would’as, should’as Draped gently between splintered … Continue reading Eat Your Heart Out

Whiskey Jail

by Joseph Rogers Through these wooden bars I see a scene enacted without me: joy painted across your face; an understudy in my rightful place. This vinyl booth becomes my jail, a prison of whiskey with shots for bail, while red searchlights illuminate the empty glasses that spell my fate. We spoke until the sun … Continue reading Whiskey Jail