Red Rover, Red Lover

by Venus Davis

Red Rover, Red Lover published by Roaring Junior Press in March 2020  is the debut poetry chapbook by Preston Smith. The book follows the trajectory of the Apollo Space Missions and the speaker’s relationship with the god, Apollo. This chapbook has themes of the speaker’s relationship with love, sex, and the divine. Within these twenty four poems, we are given the entire narrative arc of the speaker’s relationship with Apollo which is unique for such a short collection.  My favorite poem would have to be “Apollo The First” because of the sensuality and edge especially in the second stanza where Smith writes,

“ You grab the silver cross
around my neck and bite.
I ride your chariot,
scream the name of the oracle
because I do not know yours,
lose my words in your light.”

Smith does not shy away from the raw feelings that the speaker has for Apollo and the intensity only makes the poems more full of love and an indescribable mystical energy. If you love mythology, romance, space, and devotion, order your copy of Red Rover, Red Lover, here.

Venus Davis is a 21-year-old queer writer from Cleveland, Ohio. She is the editor in chief of the Periwinkle Literary Magazine. She is also a former poetry reader for Random Sample Review and current reader for Gordon Square Review. Her work has been featured in InQluded, Marias at Sampaguitas, Dream Noir, Royal Rose, Ayaskala, and others. Aside from writing, she loves learning about philosophy, astrology, and the Korean language. She also plays guitar, ukulele, and piano for fun sometimes. Her main goal is to be confessional and compassionate in her writing and in life.

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