Micro by Juliette Sebock

by Venus Davis

il_794xN.1922334826_56zm.jpgMicro is a chapbook of micro poems written by Juliette Sebock and published by Nightingale and Sparrow Press. Thematically, the poems touch on thoughts of the teenage to twenty-something mind consumed with thoughts of soul mates, past pain, and the stress of living. In this little book of joy, there is something for every reader to take away. Personally, I found power in the poem “For Olaf.”

“He’s violent 
but he loves.
He screams
because he loves
too much.”

Juliette Sebock

The shortened form allows the reader to picture just enough to where their mind can fill in the rest of the blanks. I, too, love too much. I have been constantly accused of loving too much. So, to find myself in Olaf, even though I do not know any more about him than his name— it’s significant, it’s powerful.

Readers take things away from small poems constantly, but Juliette has a way of saying what we are all thinking but can’t or don’t say. And she does so in so few words as if she has been waiting years just to get said words out. If you have ever wanted to feel seen or heard—the poems in Micro will most definitely see and hear you. Pick up your copy today.


Venus Davis (they/them) is a 20-year-old nonbinary writer from Cleveland, Ohio. They are a former poetry reader for Random Sample Review, a social media content creator for Ayaskala, and a podcaster for Prismatica Magazine. Venus is a regular contributor for Marias at Sampaguitas and Ayaskala. Their work has been featured in InQluded, Marias at Sampaguitas, and is forthcoming in Royal Rose Magazine. Aside from writing, they love learning about philosophy, astrology, and the Korean language. They also play guitar, ukulele, and piano for fun sometimes. Their main goal is to be confessional and compassionate in their writing and in life.

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